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These items all have some contamination or wrong colors. It is noted below why they are limited. They are packaged in a 1 oz bag. Once they are gone, they are gone. On the comparison pictures, the "O" is the original and the "L" is the limited item being sold here so you can see the difference. The pictures are numbered to the corresponding number below:

1 - Beach Bum - Square - Extra Fine  - GC543 wrong color. This has happened a few times so there is a POSSIBILITY of this color being available again. 

2 - Orchid Dreams - Hexagon Mix - Small - GC165 wrong iridescence color. 

7 - Orchid Dreams - Random - Small - GC282 wrong iridescence color

8 - Orchid Dreams - Square - Extra Fine - GC281 wrong iridescence color

9 - Gypsy Rain - Hexagon Mix - Small - GC17 wrong iridescence color

10 - Moonlit Waters - Hexagon Mix - Small - GC678 wrong color (Original on left of the image, wrong is on the right)

11 - Stardust - Hexagon Mix - Small - GC9 the mix is the wrong consistency. It has more extra fine than the normal mix.

Please select the color you want, quantity, then add to cart.

Material: Polyester - Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)


We package ounces/grams by weight and teaspoons by volume.




*Pictures are enlarged to show the detail of products. Colors may vary due to lighting, camera, and variations of monitors and settings. All pictures are taken in a photo booth with LED lighting unless noted otherwise. 

Product sizes are approximate.

Please wear the proper safety protection when handling and working with these products.

Neither Glitzy City LLC nor the manufactures make any warranties, expressed or implied, about the purpose and use of these products. The use, conditions, storage, and materials used with these products are out of our control. Results will vary based on materials used with, or in, these products. We will not be responsible for the loss of money or materials as a result of combining our glitters with incompatible products. Please test with a small amount to make sure these products fit your usage needs.